Developed by Icoteq Ltd, the TagRanger® system provides a unique, high performance way of finding and tracking animals for research, conservation and environmental professionals.

With superior configurability for logging data, reporting location and engaging in GPS-beating ranging technology, TagRanger® will direct you to the exact location with a precision that gets you within touching distance.

TagRanger® Features
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Long Range Radio

Based on LoRaWAN® radio in the 868MHz and 915MHz bands with no network costs. >20km LOS* tested with the option to further increase link range through a 2-hop relay extension.

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GNSS Location

Supports Assisted GPS, Galileo, Beidou and GLONASS location services

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High Precision Ranging

Distance measurement tool for hard to find animals and improved tag recovery using UWB up to 150m

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Log and store data from the onboard sensors including location, temperature and animal activity

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Remote Data Download

Download logs from your tags from a safe distance over the UWB link

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Connect to the TagRanger® App on your Smartphone

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Offline mapping for tracking in remote areas

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Sophisticated Configuration

Optimise your tags for ultimate functionality and increased battery life

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Reusable Tags

TagRanger® Tags can be recharged and used again

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Highly extensible technology to support different use cases through hardware expansion

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Software Development

The TagRanger® System

Introduction to the components of a TagRanger® System

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TagRanger® Applications

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Client testimonials for Icoteq's work

Icoteq have worked with the Zoological Society of London’s conservation technology teams on a number of R&D projects relating to software, wireless, and camera trap development. They are always extremely responsive, work collaboratively with other technical partners, produce clear and concise reports, and deliver work to the highest standards within set budgets.

Sam Seccombe - Zoological Society of London

Basel Action Network

Basel Action Network turned to the wireless experts at Icoteq, who created a small cellular tracking device helping us track environmental waste around the world. We found their extensive knowledge and supportive design process a perfect fit for our organisation as we introduce new technology to the challenges of investigating the global toxic waste trade.

Hayley Palmer - COO, Basel Action Network

Arribada Initiative

Together with Icoteq, we were able to design a tag to track green sea turtles at very low cost. Icoteq’s engineering expertise has been excellent and we are very happy with our optimised tag

Alasdair Davies – Founder of Arribada Initiative

* LOS stands for 'Line of Sight', referring to a method of testing a radio communication link without obstructions to assess the fundamental and repeatable performance of the link.