TagRanger® System

Tag + Finder + App

There are three components to a TagRanger® system; a Tag which is attached to the animal with a universal fixing, a 'Finder' which provides all your communication with your Tags and a Smartphone App that is paired with your Finder for mapping, configuration and data management.

Once you're familiar with the components, find out how they can benefit you on our Applications page and discover the full Feature Set here.

Explore TagRanger® components in more detail
Electronic Design

TagRanger® Tag

The Tag is a small device to be fitted to the animal or equipment you want to monitor.

Software Development

TagRanger® Finder

The Finder is a small handheld device that pairs with your smartphone using a Bluetooth connection.

Product Development

TagRanger® Smartphone App

This powerful app runs on your Smartphone and connects with the Finder device.