The Tag is a small device to be fitted to the animal or equipment you want to monitor. Tough, waterproof, lightweight and highly configurable the Tag supports multiple radios and sensors for ultimate tracking, finding and data-logging applications.


The Tag has a long range radio based on the LoRaWAN® licence-free protocol and can operate in the 868MHz and 915MHz bands without any network costs or subscriptions.  This radio is used to send and receive messages over long distances* and is the mechanism for Tag wake-up, location reporting, remote configuration updates and Tag operating modes.

The long range radio connection is typically made with the Finder, but the Tag can also join your own private LoRaWAN® network and even be commanded to switch between the two networks when required.

The Tag also supports UWB Ranging technology for precise distance measurements within a 150m* range, Bluetooth, and  a GNSS receiver (GPS, Gallileo, Beidou, GLONASS) along with on board temperature, accelerometer and 2MB storage.

Refer to the Feature Set page for the full extent of Tag capabilities.


Our standard off-the-shelf tag is fitted with a 600mAh battery, measures 36mm (W) x 56mm (L) x 19mm (H) and weighs 38g.

There is a micro-USB port for device charging and an external multifunction LED.  The LED can be disabled during deployment and can also be activated by the Finder to light up for a short period of time when deployed, if this helps to find a Tag in the dark.

Power is controlled by holding a magnet (supplied) against the Tag between the USB connector and the LED.

The Tag features a universal fixing mechanism consisting of four M3 screw holes in the base of the Tag.  This allows the Tag to be attached to many different mounting solutions with four M3 screws whether your preferred mount is a metal plate, collar, backpack or other solution.  The Tag can also be glued to a shell.

Custom form factors and battery sizes can be arranged on request (MOQ/NRE applies), please contact us for more information on this.

* Like any other radio system (cellular, satellite, VHF etc) LoRaWAN® and UWB range is highly variable depending on the local environment.  LoRaWAN® range between a Finder and a Tag has been demonstrated at 21km and UWB up to 150m with an ideal line-of-sight scenario (hilltop to hilltop with no obstructions), but this will be reduced by trees, vegetation, buildings, hills and even the tagged animal itself.  Reduce the effects of blocking by using the Finder from as high a position as possible.