TagRanger® LED indications

Both the Tag and Finder devices have a single, multicolour LED used for feedback on the status and operation of your device. The tables below list the various LED colours and modes that you may see while using your devices.

Normal mode LED colours and states
Colour Description
Off No magnetic field present
White Magnet presence (if device is already OFF)
White >> Green System booting, magnet can be removed
Green Magnet presence (if device is already ON)
Rapid Flashing White Magnet held for 7 seconds and now powering off
Flashing Blue Bluetooth advertising mode (waiting for connection)
Blue Bluetooth connected
Flashing Yellow (5 seconds) System starting
Yellow (2 seconds) LoRaWAN network joined
Flashing Cyan GPS Active
Green (2 seconds) GPS Fix Acquired
Red (2 seconds) GPS Fix Timeout
Rapid Flashing Red System Error
Flashing Magenta UWB Ranging Active
Rapid Flashing Yellow (3 minutes) Self identification - 'Identify' requested via TagRanger® App
Specialist LED colours and states

'DFU mode' is a special state that can be entered by holding the magnet on for 10 seconds when in the powered off state. This should only be done if recommended by Icoteq support staff for debugging purposes.

Color System State
Flashing Red Awaiting a DFU mode bluetooth connection
Solid Red Bluetooth client is connected in DFU mode
Solid Green MCU firmware uploading
Solid Yellow Radio firmware uploading

Note that during an firmware update, your device will transition through the DFU state as part of the process. In the event your device gets stuck in this mode you can reissue the firmware update command again and it should resume as normal.