Icoteq’s ARGOS satellite transceiver now certified by CLS

CLS, a world recognized expert in satellite data and services have successfully completed certification testing on Icoteq’s ARGOS transceiver design.

ARGOS is a system of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites collecting sensor and location data transmitted from devices and relayed to the final users. Argos helps the scientific community to better monitor and understand our environment, but also enables industry to comply with environmental protection regulations implemented by various governments.

Icoteq working with Arribada Initiative have developed the transceiver as part of a suite of radio technologies surrounding the Horizon tracking platform, already in use tracking animals and plastic around the world. The Horizon platform is a low cost, multi-sensor, scalable tracking and sensing platform targeted at conservation and scientific study applications. With ARGOS device certification now completed we have the tools in place to collect data from anywhere on the surface of the planet.